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InView / OnScreen Product Placement

A visual placement involves placing a brand into a piece of media where it is viewable. It could be an advertisement in the background of a shot, or it could be of more importance in a scene, such as a cast member eating a packet of branded potato chips.

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Verbal Product Placement

A verbal product placement is literally a verbal mention of your brand embedded into the script of the scene.  This type of product placement increases brand awareness of your product and helps make the product or service “relatable” to the market.  

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Music Placement

An artist's musical track can be feature as background music.


Product Usage Placement

The usage type of product placement is when a character within a scene actually interacts with your product (or service) by actually using it.  The product placement would flow naturally into the scene.  An example is in a scene from the movie Skyfall in which the actor drives a Range Rover.


Signage Placement

Your ad, or logo appears on the screen.


Product placement is an advertising technique that promotes specific brands and products to consumers more naturally than traditional advertising. We have 4 different placement types available to advertisers.  Each placement includes a FREE ad in the annually printed ACHI Magazine and VIP tickets to the red carpet private screening (date tba).

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